Staff composition includes Certified Industrial Hygienists, Licensed Asbestos Evaluators, Professional Engineers, and Professional Geologists, and Chemical Hazardous Materials Management Professionals.

The division's multi-disciplinary staff stands ready to assist our clients through proactive services to economically satisfy environmental, health and safety, and energy conservation/environmental consciousness needs, and related regulatory requirements.


  • Property Transfer Audits, EPA Level I & II Environmental Assessment of any property and improvements
  • Project Management and oversight of Hazardous Materials Management and clean-up
  • Indoor Air Quality and Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) investigation, diagnosis, and remedy
  • Asbestos, mold, lead based paint, and microbial inspections in accord with acceptable and recognized protocols and/regulations
  • Project Management of the abatement process, contractor identification, job walk throughs, bid spec preparation, bid collection and reviews, and contractor selection
  • Abatement specifications and project design for contaminants remediation and derived waste handling & disposal.
  • Asbestos, mold and lead Based Paint remediation project oversight.
  • NIOSH 582 Certified Asbestos Microscopist
  • Asbestos Operations and Maintenance programs (O&M) development and maintenance
  • Develop/present training programs and seminars for laborers, supervisors, maintenance staff, and management in the awareness, and removal, of chemical, physical, radiological, and microbial stressors in accord with applicable regulatory requirements.
  • Underground Storage Tank inspections, testing, and management; soil and groundwater investigations and remedial designs
  • Facility environmental, energy, & safety and health audits
  • OSHA Occupational exposure monitoring
  • Construction Safety Superintendents
  • Industrial Hygiene Expert Witnessing

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