Our staff composition includes Certified Industrial Hygienists, Licensed Asbestos Evaluators, Professional Engineers, and Professional Geologists, Chemists, Hazardous Materials Management Professionals, & Certified Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED Certified) professionals.

The firm's multi-disciplinary staff provides a broad range of consulting services in the Environmental, & Comprehensive Industrial Hygiene (Health & Safety) specialty discipline.

Our LEED Certified professionals conduct energy assessment audits based upon LEED Certification Standard, and advice clients as to the most economical pathways to either retrofit an existing building, incorporate in new building design plans to accomplish the goals of balancing environmental responsibility, resource efficiency and the comfort and well-being of its workforce.

  • Capabilities cover every major area of environmental & Industrial Hygiene consultancy including:
  • Fungal (Mold) spore and other Microbial assessments,
  • Lead Based Paint (LBP) & Asbestos services (abatement specifications preparation, abatement oversight, bid document preparation).
  • Health & Safety Expert witnessing.
  • Hazardous, Toxic, and radioactive contaminated site (HTRW sites) assessments and remediation (soil & groundwater assessments).
  • Underground storage Tank Services (site Closure report preparation).
  • Real Estate Inspections: EPA Level I & II Site Assessments.

Indoor air quality and sick building syndrome (SBS) investigations and assessments

For its clients, staff conducts investigations and analyses to determine the scientific nature extent, and risk associated with each environmental problem, and develops alternatives for their resolution.

Mold Assessment
Asbestos Abatement Oversight
Lead Based Paint Remediation
Soil and Groundwater Investigation & Remediation
Environmental remediation Oversight
Indoor Air Quality Investigation & Remediation

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