Quality Assurance Plan


Genesis Business Corporation (Genesis) is committed to provide the highest possible level of service required by the Navy. Our Assurance Plan dictates the leverage of strategic alliance partners to provide a broad array of services and to deliver the right combination of skills and technical expertise required. Inherent to Genesis’ plan is a set of core values that are reflected in our expectation frame works. These core values are consistent with those of Seaport and the foundation of defense. These values are summarized as Teamwork, Integrity, and reliability commitment to excellence, judgement, leadership, energy, intensity and flexibility. The focus of the Plan is to align measured process results to specific client outputs and business results.


Genesis’ Plan customizes its management approach to meet the objective of Seaport-e Program by integrating Project Management principles into an all aspect of our Program Management approach. Our commitment to the delivery of top quality professional support services within and across NAVSEA or the virtual SYSCOM in a seamless, continuous, efficient and cost effective manner will be achieved in the following manner:

  • Centralized Program Management office.
  • Integrated Program management
  • Task Order Management System
  • Earned Value Management System via our Task Order Program Management System which will incorporate information from our Internal Control Systems (Project Management, Time and Expense tracking, Accounting and Costing) that will provide a variety of metrics that will be used to track, assess, and control the delivery of the value of each Task Order.


Part of Genesis’s Plan is a strategy that enables the subcontractor management process to work smoothly by employing the following:

  • A structure to provide a single point leadership and clear lines of authority.
  • Agreements that are spelled out in detail procedure for prompt invoicing and payment.
  • Leadership programs that manage to have a direct oversight of all subcontractors and review team member performance on a regular basis. The Program Manager will continuously review the market place for companies that provide new and innovative products and professional services that add value to meeting customer needs.