Genesis Business Corporation has added its new strategic partnership, Kornerstone Wealth Management, Inc. to provide Financial Planning, Investment Management and Insurance Planning services to our clients.

Bernice V. Rolle-Lewis, Private Wealth Manager brings over 17 years of experience in helping others towards securing their financial future. Genesis and Kornerstone Management will be delighted to provide referrals if our services do not match your current needs. Just ask.

Konerstone Wealth Management is an independent Wealth Management and Planning firm focused on helping Women in Business, Pre-Retirees, and Millennial Executives coaching them through financial issues that arise during important life transitions

Kornerstone belief is that the success of your financial strategy depends on building the right foundation - A plan of action tailored to your unique financial needs following a disciplined consultative process.

Kornerstone's mission is to help YOU plan for and create the life YOU want to live, free from anxiety about money.

Services provided by Kornerstone:
  • Comprehensive Personal Financial Planning
  • Comprehensive Business Financial Planning
  • Life Insurance Audit/Risk Management Recommendations
  • Retirement Planning
  • Wealth Management
  • Estate Planning
  • Provide Specific Individual Investment Recommendations
  • Manage Portfolios
  • College/Education Planning
  • Social Security Review
  • 2nd Career Counseling

Services Not provided by Kornerstone:
Since the field of Financial Planning has variety of types of professionals, we have found it helpful to outline specifically what we do not do as part of our process

  • We do not judge where you have been or what decisions you have made in the past. We focus on the future and what you have out of your life. We create a plan and provide the accountability you need to reach those goals.
  • We do not tell you what and what you cannot purchase. You are in charge of your spending decisions and we provide a framework for you to make those decisions in line with your personal goals.
  • We do not prepare tax returns or provide tax code interpretation. We give overall tax strategy and related advice which should be discussed in detail with your CPA or Tax Advisor.
  • We do not write wills, prepare trust documents or draw up Powers of Attorney documents, or draw up Powers of Attorneys. Please consult an estate planning attorney to have documents prepared.

Genesis Business Corporation and Kornerstone Wealth Management will be delighted to provide referrals if our services do not match your current needs. Just ask!

Securities offered through LPL Financial. Member FINRA/SIPC. Investment advice offered through Kornerstone Wealth Management, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisor and separate entity from LPL Financial.

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